Field Op #20!!

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Yo Penguins!! Can you believe its already the 20th field op?! Well here is how to complete it! Go to the mine by the puffle rescue game!

Now pick up your phone when it rings. Move the chip to each screen. Watch out for enemies and remember to recharge.

Now you have WON THE SUPERBOWL AGAIN!! You also won a medal where you can spend at the elite armor section of you phone.


Yo Penguins! Club Penguin has turned 5! This year has went by fast! Go to the coffee shop! Click the cake for a stamp. Click the box for the newest party hat!

Go upstairs! You can look at newest year book and you can look at some fan art!

Happy Birthday CP!! What are you doing to celebrate?

Halloween Igloo Contest Is Here!! (Click to Enlarge)

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Yo Penguins! The halloween igloo contest is here!! Here is all the info!

Alright!! So what does your igloo look like? I am still working on mine!

Halloween Igloo Contest!

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Yo Penguins! Screenhog just posted giving us some tips for the Halloween igloo contest on Wednesday.
He said the saving your igloo feature will come in handy!

Are you entering the contest? I already started decorating mine!

Field Op #17! Click to Enlarge

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Yo Penguins the new field has come! First go to the underground pool.

Now you must decode this. Red= Wrong Yellow= Wrong place Green= Correct

Keep it up agent,

Field Op #16! (Click to Enlarge).

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Yo Penguins! I am back!! For the field just go to the curtain and to the second floor of the night club.

Now you have to bring your chip to all those little mini tvs. Remember to recharge!

Thats all for now!


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Alright I am going to start posting again. I just needed a little break.

Keep Viewing!